Thursday, July 24, 2008

my mom and dad

back of the red and blue cranes

I just got a package from my mom and dad. My mom is the quilter and my dad just took up painting about a year ago. Can you believe he can make such wonderful paintings like this? He did this for my oldest. She requested a wolf painting and this is what he came up with. He paints about one painting a day. While my parents were visiting for her graduation, he painted a huge picture of lilies for over my fireplace. That was a real treat to watch the painting develop. Then, he worked with my youngest to paint a picture of horses running. He also worked with me and the youngest to paint a standing horse. The great thing is they all look like what they are supposed to be =)

I just had to share pictures of these wonderful gifts.


Mary said...

Wow, your parents are both very talented.

Vicki said...

Marilyn, I was at Lambtown too. We went to the Nut Tree afterwards. It's not the same as the old one! The quilts are all beautiful and your dad's painting, so lifelike. How talented they are (and you too!). Vicki from Sacramento.

Quilty bird said...

Those are beautiful quilts! Are they all for you???

Your dad's painting is awesome. I work in an elementary school (with special ed kids no less) and my artwork is often mistaken for theirs. :0)

Roslyn Atwood said...

Love the little feet sticking out below the quilts!