Saturday, July 5, 2008

Binding day

I decided when I woke up that today would be binding day. I have this stack of quilts. My cat Tiger will be mad because I moved them from the floor to the ironing board to take the picture. Now she doesn't have her hiding place anymore. There must be 20 or more in this stack. All of them need bindings. Today's the day to see how many I can put bindings on. This morning I'm going to start cutting the binding fabrics and then start sewing. I'm hoping for 10, but maybe, if the kids are really good and my back cooperates, I can get them all done. Is there a Guinness Book of World Records for the most bindings in one day? Maybe I can set it? Or, maybe life will get in the way and I'll get 2 done. Either way, I will at least start on this pile and get some of these quilts out of the house =) Some are going to Kazakhstan and some are going to Hollywood! Sounds glamorous doesn't it? My church, North Hills Christian Church, is going on a missions trip at the end of the month to a drug and alcohol recovery program and they are going to take quilts for the kids whose parents are going through recovery. I'm not sure how many they need yet, so I had better get busy. I think they need about 12 or so. No problem right?

This picture is of some of my fabric. I swear I cleaned this shelf unit out and now it is full again. Where does the fabric come from? Oh, yeah, the shed. It's like having my own fabric store for free in the backyard. I love it!

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