Friday, July 18, 2008

great quilting day

Wow, I was busy today! I got three quilts quilted. I got a shipment of thread in and had to try it out. The Perma-Core poly/cotton stuff did not work. Too bad because it was the cheapest and I bought 5 spools of it. I guess I will have
30,000 yards of piecing thread! I also tried Signature thread in the cotton/poly blend and that kept breaking. I had to keep going back to the LYI thread from the local quilt shop to finish off the first two quilts because I didn't have the right color of the other threads. I didn't plan well when buying different threads to try out.

Finally, I tried the Signature 100% cotton thread purchased here

It was only $6.95 for 3,000 yards and I see that the 6,000 yard cones are also cheap. I am in love with this one. I didn't have the thread break one time on me. This is definately going on my list of more to buy! Right now, I have it in orange. I guess I will have to dig out all of my orange quilts and get those quilted up. I think I will order white next time =)

My favorite quilt of the day is the Happy Blocks. This one is made with 6 1/2 inch squares surrounded by 2 1/2 inch borders. There really wasn't a pattern I followed. Someone just suggested I try this and it turned out great. I wish I hadn't taken so long to quilt it. It looks so great! In each of the squares, I tried to draw something different. Here are some of my attempts at pictures. Can you tell what they are? The hardest thing was, I loaded the quilt upside down, so I had to draw these upside down. Do you know how hard it is to draw upside down with a sewing machine? Well, you really should try it!!!

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