Saturday, July 5, 2008

The best distractions

Well, I don't think Guinness would be impressed. I've gotten 3 quilts bound today but I have a good reason. There was the lawn that needed mowing and a birthday present to shop for, but the best reason was the phone call from my mom. She called to say she had been reading about all the quilts I have been making and all the troubles I have been having with my little Kenmore on the Handi-Quilter frame and offered to buy me a BRAND NEW sewing machine for my quilting! Just pick one out and she and my dad would pay for it. It's not even my birthday or anything! It's almost a half birthday, so I'll call it that.

Here's what I picked.

It's a Janome 1600P-DB and according to the write up it sews twice as fast as my little machine and has a 1 1/2 times bigger throat plate. For those of you who are math whizzes, that means I can quilt the quilts 3.5 times faster than before. So, if a quilt used to take 45 minutes to do, now it should be done in 17 minutes? Hey, I never said I was a math teacher. Someone do the math for me and tell me how many quilts I will be able to get done in a day and let me know if I should be cleaning my house for Guinness to come over. That's all I'm worried about =)

The old Kenmore will now be my backup machine and travel machine for Binky Patrol meetings and has earned a well deserved rest period.

I'm walking on air today. Thanks mom and dad and if you have been a reader of my blog, you will see that my prayers were answered. God is good!

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