Thursday, July 31, 2014

Final day of July-great day for a marathon

I have nothing on my schedule today, no place I have to be.  Of course, plans can change since it is summer vacation.  But, for now, I plan a marathon quilting day.  I'm hoping to get 10 quilts done by my check in tonight.  Think I can get it done?  I have three more Margaret's Hope Chest quilts, one is really, really big! and then on to other things.  That should fill the box I'm sure.  I have to finish up the backing fabric for those before I can get them on the machine.  My goal is to get started by 8am.  I better get started quickly, 10 minutes left until my marathon begins.  And you thought I'd be running somewhere.  Silly you!  I only run if someone's chasing me!

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