Thursday, July 10, 2014

That troublesome quilt

Here's the quilt that caused all the problems.  My machine just did not like the blue fabric.  The quilt guild used it for backing fabric as well.  Changing out the needle didn't solve the problem but did help a little.  What finally fixed the trouble was changing out the thread.  Don't tell the quilt police, but I found a spool of Coats and Clark hand quilting thread.  I only had the one spool and didn't really think it would work on the machine, but it did and made it almost all the way through the whole quilt.  I ran out during the last row and then the backing fabric was switched to a row of red and the machine didn't mind the other thread I had to use.  You can't tell by looking at the quilt that I switched thread either.  I'm happy to have this quilt done and will be giving it back to either Carla or Judy to return to the guild ladies.  I haven't been a member of the guild for several years.  I just can't find the time to go to the meetings.  They are on Tuesday mornings or once a month on Wednesday nights.  By the time Wednesday evening comes around I'm just too tired to go back out again.  Wednesdays are my meeting days at work after school and I get home around 4:30.  I have no idea how people with real jobs do it.

My daughter is really funny.  She started an internship this summer on Monday.  She's worked 4 whole days so far.  She has 8 more weeks to go and is already looking forward to the end of the summer.  She is working in the finance department of a credit union.  She gets done with the work for the day by about 10am.  She starts at 8:30.  She says she is getting really good at staring at her computer and counting her split ends.  She doesn't want to seem pesty and ask for more work, but she wonders if her boss thinks she is really lame or really great because she finishes her work so quickly.  I told her just to ask for more things to do when she submits her work each day.  Since her boss isn't getting the hint I've offered some suggestions on how to ask for more work without seeming like she is being too pushy.  It makes for a very long day when you just have to sit and do nothing all day waiting for someone to tell you what to do.

I am almost done cleaning out the shed and organizing the sewing room.  Hopefully if things go as planned, the shed will be done tomorrow and then I can finish up the sewing and quilting rooms over the next couple of days.

It's nice to be back to quilting again.  Only 40 days of vacation left.  It would be nice to get at least 100 more quilts done.

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