Saturday, July 12, 2014

a clean shed

 The job isn't quite finished yet, but it's so close I'm celebrating!  All the buckets are labeled and sorted.  There are 8 buckets of knits and 6 of flannel.  4 buckets of scraps and 2 of bigger pieces on the back and 2 of Christmas.  1 bucket of knitting needles.  Looks like I need to start teaching kids how to knit!
I found another bucket of fleece and then more buckets of big and small pieces of cotton here.  Yeah, I have fabric, but at least it is organized and ready to be used.  I have a plan now and feel more in control of what I need to do to get through all of this.  Believe it or not, I will actually work through all of this in about 2 years at the rate my group works.

The trouble is, I get about this much every two years or so.  That's why it never seems to get any less.  Can you say 'BLESSED'?  My daughter might have another word for it. :)  But I'm happy to receive fabric that others don't know what to do with and make it into quilts and give them away.  I love seeing all of the different prints and patterns and designs and get a kick out of some of them, thinking what was the designer thinking when he/she came up with that and what was the person thinking when they purchased it?

Now, to finish in the sewing and quilting rooms and get a few more buckets out in the shed.  I have one more wall that has room for more buckets and I have quite a few empty buckets ready for some more fabric.  I have some fabric in the garage that needs sorting.  It would be nice to have all of the fabric in one spot so I can go out, dig out a bucket and work through it.  Right now, it is in several locations and I have a hard time remembering where that one special piece is when I need it.

I'm so happy the weather is cooperating and it has been cool enough to get out there and get some work done this week.  It got a little hot this afternoon, but in the morning and evening the wind picks up and cools things off and I can get lots done.  During the hot part of the day, I have time for quilting.  What a perfect summer vacation.

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