Tuesday, July 29, 2014

starting the day off right

I finished this one last night right before bed and pulled it from the machine this morning.  The perfect way to begin the day.  Makes me feel like I've accomplished something already, even before the day has begun.  I love that there is a clean sock peeking out from under the quilt.  That lets you know there is a pile of laundry waiting to be sorted under the quilt.  First things first!

A pile of laundry means I have a healthy family that needs my attention too.  A pile of laundry means there are probably dishes in the sink and floors needing vacuumed.  But those chores can wait until another quilt is loaded and started.  The great thing about a robotic machine is you can push a button, walk away and do something else while it quilts the row, come back when it is at the end, roll it and let it do it's thing.  Multi-tasking at its finest.  Of course, that should mean I have the cleanest house in town.  I always find other, better things to do than clean my house while Rebecca is quilting away.

Today I am supposed to be making zippered pouches for my daughter.  She's always finding projects for me on Pinterest.  They never turn out as cute as the pattern.  But, I'm game to try.  I got a zipper foot for my sewing machine if only I could find where I put it for safe keeping.

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