Wednesday, July 16, 2014

busy day

 Today was multitasking on steroids.  Between cleaning and organizing, I had to start on the tennis patches for my husband.  I had been procrastinating as long as I could.  After 4 mistake patches, I think I finally got the bugs worked out and have them going smoothly now.  I haven't used the embroidery machine for a long time so I'm surprised I remember how to use it.
 I finished up this fleece blanket.  I only had 24 squares and had to take apart some of the squares and re arrange it.  It was 3x8 which would not fit any normal size kid.  So, I made it 4x6 instead.  Much better.
 I also got 3 quilts done on the robot while sewing and embroidering.  Rebecca's getting quite the workout lately.
 You can see where I moved the embroidery machine.  I got this new thread stand in the mail and it holds 20 spools of thread.  So much better than the individual thread stands that fall over and then the thread tangles up.  I ordered it from Amazon and it was about $30.  So worth it!  You can also see that I got another thread rack for the wall and have organized my thread by type.  I still have a few empty spaces for more thread as I come across it while cleaning more.
 I also quilted one quilt on my older machine with the batting scraps.  I love the texture on this quilt.
 Here's the weird print quilt that I couldn't find a back for for the longest time.  Not only did I find one backing piece, but I switched it out and used a totally different backing when I actually quilted it.  Happy to get this one done.
 Look how cute this one is.  Quilts don't have to be complicated.
 Dora!  My son loved her when he was little.  I hope she is still popular.
Here's a close up of the thread stand.  I got the 20 spool holder instead of the 10 because it was cheaper.  I doubt I will need this many colors at a time, but it is sturdy and keeps the thread from tangling.

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