Sunday, July 20, 2014

Binky Day

 Here's my friend Nancy digging through the stash of donated fabric we got.  She's going to take it all home and cut it up this week using the Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter and dies.  She loves to sew together the tumbler dies and makes the cutest quilts out of them.  I'm so glad she is also a teacher and also has the summers off.
 This whole bag is all BOY fabric!  What a great donation!
 Another bag of great juvenile prints.  The lady who donated said her youngest grandson is 13 and she isn't making any more baby quilts and the great grandchildren will get all new stuff so she is done with this fabric.  Yes, we will take it and make great quilts for kids out of it.
 There was also a bag of quilt tops from her mom.  This woman was an incredible quilter, or at least top maker.  How many of us can claim to be a top maker? :)  We love to make the quilt tops and then stop there.  This woman even made the bindings for all of them and then put labels on everything.  Each binding is labeled for the quilt it is to go with and the quilt top has a label pinned to it too.  One day I will be that organized.  HA.
 These are only a few of the 20 quilt tops in the bag.  I stopped taking pictures because my jaw hit the floor on the one with the 1 inch squares.
 I see these quilts in books and then buy the book because the quilts are just so cute.  Of course, that's as far as I ever get when it comes to making the quilts.
 Ever wonder what to do with those cute panel pieces you buy?  How about this cute quilt?
I'm going to have fun quilting up all of these.  I might even share a few with Carla so she can have some fun.  There's one with prairie points that I'm not quite sure what to do with.  I bet she's quilted one like it before and she can teach me.

While at the quilt shop, I met a lady who was the president of the Soroptomist Club.  We talked and she let me know she would love to have some quilts for the kids in the foster program.  I love having more places to give the quilts. Turns out I can pass them on to a couple of the kids that I already know who go to my high school.  They will even come pick the quilts up from me!

I was so excited, I didn't even get a picture of the 6 fleece blankets we cut and tied today.  Only three people showed up today, but that was enough to get some work done.  I'm still feeling tired from the flu.  Hopefully I will feel better for a more busy Quilt Day at Carla's tomorrow.  I know she will have me jumping.

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Florence said...

its like xmas at your friends house, lol