Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I would not have picked these colors

 But, I really like how these quilts turned out.  I cut the fabric, and paired up the black/white/red blocks for a quilt.  I gave them to my friend to give to her mom to make a quilt out of them.  She gave them back like this, paired with the pink/green and the blue below.  I would never have thought to put those colors together, but I do like how the quilts turned out.  They look even better in person.  They are both twin size, big enough for a big kid, or even an adult and are perfect for a bed or for cuddling on the couch with.  These quilts take a lot longer to finish up, but will come in handy when the call comes in for a big person who needs a comforting hug.  I like to be ready when that call comes.
I'm trying to cut out at least two quilts a day now that things have settled down around here.  My friend's mom has an industrial sewing machine and she can whip out quilts this size in about an hour.  I just gave her a whole box of the quick strippie quilts that Carla cut a couple weeks ago and before I know it, she will have those back to me.  I'm trying to cut up lots of the fabric that was recently donated so I can have my sewing room back, plus have lots of quilts at the ready when a call comes in.  I need to get some quilts delivered to the Nurse Family Partnership to get a box out of my son's room.  Seems there are always quilts coming and going around here, but never enough time in the day to keep up.  As my mom would say, "That's life."

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