Saturday, July 5, 2014

This is why I don't make lists

 I sat down this morning and made a long list of things I'd like to accomplish today and this week.  You know, the usual, like cleaning the house, quilting, curing cancer.  And then the day happened.

My friend Jenny, who I taught when she was a 9th grader the first year I started teaching high school 14 years ago and who is all grown up and married now, called to say her car had a flat tire.  She has been taking my little guy with her to dog training.  Her dog has passed the advanced training classes at PetSmart, but she likes to go for socialization and because she doesn't think he listens very well.  So, she was going to take her car in and get the tire fixed quickly and then come pick him up and bring him home.  Well, when she got to Costco, everyone and their brother had the same idea.  I guess they were closed yesterday for the holiday and there was a line a mile long.  So, I offered to pick her up and go with them.
 My To Do list could wait.  What's another day of messy house syndrome?  After an hour of dog lessons, her poor dog was doing worse.  My little guy was just off today and was giving the poor little guy mixed messages.  When we got home, and after having lunch, I figured out why.  A pest guy came to the door to try and get me to switch from the guy we've been having come to our house for over 15 years and my little guy comes up behind me to tell me there is a spider in the upstairs bathroom.  I told the guy at the door I was happy with the guy we had.  He didn't look impressed!

When I got upstairs, my little guy says, there really isn't a spider, I just didn't want to tell you in front of the guy that I got sick.  Poor thing!  So, he takes about a 3 hour nap and is feeling better.  But, then I start feeling queezy!  Nap time for me too.

So much for that list.  I did manage to get 3 bolts of fabric cut and 3 quilts quilted.  Good thing for Rebecca the Robotic machine who does most of the work.  I can cut fabric while she is quilting.  Most of this got done before the day even got started.
Then, my daughter got back from Tahoe and we went to Goodwill for their 50% off sale.  Seems my little guy gets sick every time they have a sale.  What's up with that?

These snuggly flannel quilts will make some other kid cozy once they are finished.  This last one I used a piece of something like flannel knit for the backing.  Not sure exactly what it was, but at first I thought it was flannel, but it was stretchy.  The machine did not like it and the top thread kept breaking.  I had to slow it way down and then it stitched up fine.  Maybe there is hope for the rest of that knit fabric after all.  The backing fabric almost feels like a minky, but isn't so furry and doesn't shed like minky when you cut it.  Whatever it is, it is super soft and has a really nice drape to it.  It was in with all the rest of the flannel out in the shed and was donated a long time ago.  So glad to have finally found a use for it.  Aged to perfection I like to say.

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