Tuesday, July 15, 2014

RIP cousin Harold Dean

I remember visiting him when I was young, like maybe early teens or younger.  He owned what would be an original Dollar Store.  He would get damaged items from other stores and sell them for very cheap.  Things that might have a dent in the box, but be perfectly good to use items.

I remember he had a son with the same name as my brother and about the same age.  I just thought that was the funniest thing.  How could two people have exactly the same name, even the last names were the same, and we didn't have a last name like Smith or something easy like that.

My dad was about the same age as him because he was one of the youngest in his family.  His dad had 15 kids so there is a big age difference between the oldest and youngest.  My dad has nephews that are older than he is so I have cousins that are way older than me.  Keeping relationships straight is kind of hard to do.  I'm glad my dad wrote a book on our family history.  I had to pull it out just to double check to make sure about the 'cousin' status.

I got the news on Facebook that he passed away today.  Seems that's the way to get news these days.  I don't know what people without Facebook do to keep up with things anymore.

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