Monday, July 28, 2014


Sometimes all you can say is wow when you look at a quilt.  This one is made with 2 inch squares and each one is different.  There may be some duplicates in there, but Wow.  Just look at all of these beautiful fabrics and scrappy goodness.  Lots of boy prints here and so colorful.  Another one for Margaret's Hope Chest.  This one is quilted with lots of spirals and it took a long time to quilt, just because of the busy quilting.  But, I figured this quilt could handle it.  The backing fabric is stretchy and got a couple of puckers in it.  I always feel a bit guilty when that happens, but I am not sure there was anything I could have done to prevent it.  I always try to be sure and check the back every time I roll the quilt to keep from getting tucks in it and sometimes it just folds over as the machine moves along if the fabric isn't 100% cotton and has a good stretch to it.  I don't think a child will complain (I hope) and they are pretty small so once the quilt is washed, I doubt they will be noticed.

Anybody else get tucks in a quilt back sometimes on a long arm machine?  What do you do?  Take it out and fix it or just leave it in?

I get far fewer tucks than I used to and wonder if there will be a day when I never get them.

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