Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I was just looking for those needles

And no, I didn't find them!
This morning I had plans to clean out the shed and move the buckets back in.  But I wanted to make one more attempt at looking for those sewing machine needles I bought.  They have to be here somewhere.  I thought they might be by my sewing machine.  So, I started looking on the floor, thinking that gravity might have helped to hide them.  I picked up a book and it was covered in mold.  What?  I picked up another and a magazine and a couple other things that were also covered in mold and then touched the floor back in the corner and the whole carpet was covered in mold.
A couple of weeks ago when I was in Colorado, the fridge leaked and filled the kitchen with water.  The kitchen is on the other side of the wall and I'm guessing it either leaked through the wall or around the corner.  Only this back corner was moldy and wet so I'm guessing it came through the wall or under the baseboard.
I had the great idea of adding bleach to the carpet cleaner.  I've done it before, but this time it took most of the color out of the carpet.  Oops, guess I added a bit too much.  Good thing it isn't in the middle of the room or I'd have to do it to the whole carpet and have a strange color.  Oh well, one day we will replace the carpet in the whole house.  It's getting pretty old and icky.

So, since I had to move some things around anyways, I decided it was time to change things up and move things out and really do some deep cleaning.  I moved a couple more thread racks to the wall and am thinking I need a couple more to fill in the empty space.  I have about 50 more spools of thread.  Of course, they can always stay in a box until I need them, but I do like looking at them hanging on the wall and this is empty space that isn't being used.  I moved my embroidery machine over next to my sewing machine so I can have them both going at the same time.  Before it was right next to the entry way to the room and wasn't really convenient.  My sewing room is really the dining room and there isn't a door.  It's a big open room with only two walls and a half wall so there's no closing it off and it's the first thing you see when you open the front door.  It really was way past due for a makeover, so I guess the flood and mold was a blessing in disguise.

I started sorting the buckets of fabric that were in there and got three of scraps that need more sorting and about 10 of bigger pieces that are either backing or bigger pieces for quilt tops.  I found some long lost projects that will get attention this summer including a quilt for my daughter and one for my son's girlfriend that I bought at least 3 years ago.  Bad mom.  I guess I need to pay some attention to my family.  This was a friendly little reminder they are important too.

Maybe tomorrow I can get to the shed and finish vacuuming it out and put the rest of the buckets back.  I need to get the new buckets out of the house and into the shed.  I still didn't find those quilting machine needles and the new ones haven't come in the mail yet.  Good thing I have my old quilting machine still.  Hopefully I will get some quilting time in tomorrow.  I have a quilt on the robotic machine that is giving me fits.  I knew it would.  The last one like it did.  It is a Quilt of Valor from the guild and the machine does not like the backing fabric they use.  It is a dense fabric and the thread keeps breaking.  I'm hoping with a new needle, the problem will be less.  It will stitch about 6 inches and then the thread breaks.  I've tried 6 different threads and loosened up the quilt tension already.  I've loosened up the thread tension too and cleaned the machine.  I've even tried babysitting the thread to make sure it doesn't pull as it goes through the machine so I know it is that backing fabric.  I should have just pulled a different backing fabric for the quilt top.  I don't think they would have minded (or remembered).  They gave me the quilt about 3 months ago to quilt for them and have probably forgotten I still have it!  I've just been dreading quilting it for so long.  Don't ask me why I picked yesterday to start quilting it when I knew I couldn't find those needles.  Silly me!

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jirons42 said...

Won't you house insurance pay to replace your carpet as it was caused by water damage?