Monday, July 7, 2014

quilt day today

 A few minutes of quite before the excitement starts to get some quilting done.  This little frog quilt has been waiting for YEARS before taking 10 minutes to quilt.  It will be an incubator quilt and will make a parent happy while waiting for their little one to get healthy enough to come home from the hospital.  It doesn't take much time or fabric to make a difference in the life of  a hurting family.  You could even quilt one of these little guys on your sit down machine.  Almost every hospital that delivers babies has a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and would love to have a stash of these little (about 24 inch size) baby blankets to help decorate the nursery with.  Even if you don't have a Binky Patrol chapter near you, you can still make a difference and make up some of these little cuties and drop them off with the volunteer desk at your local hospital.  If you love animals, you could make some of these little guys and drop them off at your local animal shelter.  They would be happy to have them for the cats and kittens or maybe even sell them to raise much needed funds to help feed the animals or pay the vet bills.
I LOVE the colors on this flannel quilt.  I bet they came as part of a kit because they match too perfectly.  This is one of the last flannel quilt tops.  Looks like I will have to cut up some more flannel quilt kits and pass them out at the next quilt day.  See how easy these are?  Just some strips of fabric sewn together and you are done.  Quilts don't have to be fancy to be beautiful and the kids don't complain.  These bright, beautiful quilts are loved more than the show stoppers that can't be touched.  To each his/her own, but I'd rather make 100 quilts that are loved and used than 1 quilt that hangs on the wall and never gets touched for fear of being ruined.  I know the world needs all kinds of quilters, but I'm glad God made me the way He did.  Just a bit on the crazy size.  Well, maybe a lot on the crazy side!

Off to quilt day to see what kind of trouble I can cause.  Hopefully to use up all the fleece I pulled out.  I think there are 7 bags/buckets.  I don't want to bring any home to store for another 4 years.  Get it out of here!

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