Thursday, July 17, 2014

help, help

 I got two phone calls today from people wanting to donate fabric so we can make more quilts for kids in crisis.  I love getting these phone calls, but I either need to clone myself x10 or recruit more people to help out.  Good thing we are having two quilt days coming up.
 If you are local to the Vacaville, Ca area, shoot me an email.  Sunday from 1-4pm and Monday from 11-4pm we are working on quilts.  Sunday we will be cutting and tying fleece blankets and Monday we will be working on cutting up hopefully the rest of the fleece bits and sewing together a whole bunch of quilt tops.
I can't believe I can see the bottom of the pile of these super size 9 patches.  Of course, I said that once before and then found another box of them in the garage.  I can't believe I'm actually considering asking Carla to cut a bunch of them to give to the middle school kids again this year.  They do use up a whole bunch of fabric and they are nice to have to grab when I'm at the end of a roll of backing fabric.  They did give the kids a great project to work on for a whole year and the kids made like 300 quilts out of a bunch of donated fabric from Judy.

Carla is a super amazing woman.  She cut those quilt kits in like 5 minutes (OK, so it was probably like 5 hours, but I wasn't there so what do I know) and had them all organized and given to the middle school home ec teacher so they could all be sewn together.

All of the other projects we have come up with since have fallen flat.  We are waiting for Accuquilt to come out with a special die we have asked for.  They have it for the Go!, but that won't last for our purpose.  We do everything on steroids (aka mass produced) and while the Go! is nice for home quilting, in case you haven't noticed, we make quite a lot of quilts.  So, we need it for the Studio and supposedly the designer of the die has asked for it to be put out for the Studio.  Hopefully that will happen before the school year is over.  It's the Rag circle die, so the kids can make the quilts and have them all quilted when they are finished with them.

I bet they could sew the fleece rag quilts too.  Those are pretty easy to sew and just take a bit of patience to not catch the fringe in the foot.  And I keep finding more fleece bits in buckets in the garage.  Who knew I was a fleece hoarder?

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