Friday, July 25, 2014

Quilts of Valor

I am now a Quilts of Valor quilter!  So excited to be asked to help out my quilt guild (even though I'm not an official member because I don't have time to attend the meetings).  I was asked if I could help out because so many other quilters are super busy.  6 quilts were dropped off yesterday and they need 18 by March.  Yeah, I think that's a very doable goal.  I'm happy to help with this very worthy cause.

And for anyone who has a robotic machine, check out Intelligent Quilting's Deal of the Day.  Every day there is a different quilting design for half price.  It's a great way to build up your design stash.

1 comment:

Tealovinglady said...

All of your quilts are beautifully Quilted. You're a very talented longer quilter! And very generous with your time also.