Thursday, July 24, 2014

Purple is so not my color

 Quilted this huge quilt for a friend today.  Man is it heavy!  And lot of work went into it with all of these tiny squares that are sewn together oh, so perfectly.  I'm appreciating good workmanship these days as I get to see well put together quilts.
Yes, my carpet is purple and so is my toe.  I kicked a bag of quilting magazines that were sitting in the hall last night.  Really hard!  My #2 toe is numb now, I can't move it and such a lovely shade of purple.  No, I didn't pick the carpet color.  It was there when we bought the house and will be changed out once the kids leave and the dogs are gone, which will probably be never.  I don't figure that even if it is broken the doctor will do anything, so I will just feel stupid for a couple of weeks until hit heals.  And, no, I didn't move the bag of magazines, but maybe I should :)

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