Saturday, July 26, 2014

Late start today

 I just had no energy this morning and finally about 3pm I decided that rather than waste the day, I would at least get one patch done and load one QOV.  Well, the last 3 Quilts of Valor needed backings made.  If I'm going to make one backing, I might as well make all three and do the quilts one after another.  I can get them done much faster that way and before I knew what happened, I had 3 patches done and two quilts finished.  I have the last quilt loaded on the same backing fabric and want to look for a different quilting design before starting it up.  It will probably wait until morning before I get started on it.  My back is killing me now.  I even cut up a bunch of fabric.
I really like this quilt.  So simple with just one block and plain setting squares, but so striking.  I used a star splat design for quilting, which took longer than the meander star design on the other 4 quilts, but I like the feather effect of the splat part. Something different anyways.  I'm also using a very thin bobbin thread which means it will do a whole quilt without running out of bobbin thread.  I love being able to do that with the bigger machine.  I didn't load these sideways, which would have made it go even faster because the backing fabric I had was only wide enough to go the short way on the quilt.  I should have planned better.  Next time.

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New Salem Homestead said...

I can't believe how much you get done in a day! The quilts are wonderful by the way!