Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The older quilting machine is back at work

 The sewing room is almost clean.  My little guy was throwing up yesterday, last night and all day today, so I spent the day cleaning the sewing room and taking care of a sick one.
 I have 4 bags of leftover batting scraps that need using up to really make the room clean and it's harder to use up the leftover batting scraps on the robotic machine because of the way the backing and top are loaded.  The smaller machine loads the back and top differently so it is easier to piece the smaller batting pieces together on it.
 I got these four quilts done today in between playing nurse and house cleaner.  Talk about multi-tasking.
I'm feeling quite positive about this summer.  Normally I just shift things around, but this summer, I'm not only shifting, but actually using up, sorting, purging, giving away, throwing away and organizing. Does this mean I'm starting to grow up?  What?  That's a scary thing!

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