Friday, July 25, 2014

more Quilts of Valor

 My younger son had his best friend over today to play video games all day.  Heaven for him!  I've been working on patches for my husband's tennis team and am almost done with them all.  I need 6 more and hopefully will get them finished up tomorrow.  I think I could make them in my sleep.  White, yellow, grey, black, green.  Over and over and over again.  I sewed two quilt tops as well while waiting for each color to finish and be changed.

These quilts for Quilts of Valor were blocks of the month for the quilt guild.  Can you see how these stretched stars have blocks of white fabrics with blue and red triangles on the corners.  If you look closely, you will see a red or blue star in the middle.  The bottom left block has a little boo boo in it where the red triangle got flipped.  I bet nobody noticed until the whole thing got put together.  I didn't notice until just now :)

How clever is that?  Have everyone in a big group make the same block and then put them all together to make a quilt!  Many hands make light work.
And here's another way to make a great QOV.  10 fancy star blocks and 10 plain red blocks.  Easy peasy and looks great too.  I love the bottom right block with the blue and gold sparkly fabric.  What a great way to highlight a fabric that you only have a small amount of.

I quilted both of these quilts sideways on the machine.  Much faster because you have to stop the machine at the end of each row and roll it.  Well, going sideways means less rolls of the machine and less stopping.  Aren't I clever?   Actually I had to do it that way because the backing was pieced so the long seam goes up and down.  The machine doesn't like it if you put it on with the long seam going that way, so since it fit going side ways, I figured why not.  Faster and the machine was happy.  Everyone was happy!

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Tealovinglady said...

They are all beautifully Quilted!