Wednesday, July 30, 2014

how cute is this?

Quilted again with the sailboat design, these are 6 1/2 inch blocks some are the rail fence (2 1/2 inch strips sewn together) and then alternate plain blocks in the cute sail boat prints.  You can't get much easier to make, but this quilt is just adorable for a little boy.  It's 54 inches square so a good size to snuggle under for mom too.  This is another one going to Margaret's Hope Chest.  I told you this week was for MHC.  I know for sure I have 5 more quilt tops waiting and there may be another one after that.  I have to dig through the stack and double count.

I had to go get a TB test done this morning for school.  I got the letter in the mail last week saying mine ran out Aug 2.  Thanks for the early warning people :)  It only took 5 minutes at Kaiser this morning, but that cut into my quilting time and since I was out I figured I might as well stop in at WalMart and do my back to school shopping for my classroom.  Any teacher friends if you haven't heart, WalMart is giving back 10% on whatever you spend on school supplies for your classroom.

It was really easy to fill out the information and the website says it will take 1-2 weeks to get the refund.  Not sure how they will know I'm actually a teacher, but what normal human being needs 200 3 prong folders and 20 reams of lined paper?  It ends tomorrow so you still have time to get all those things you know you are going to buy for your classroom because the kids never come prepared.  You know, like pencils and paper and rulers and a new stapler because the kids broke yours last year and the school isn't going to buy you one.

I had to laugh and then cry a little.  Yesterday my daughter came home and bought Microsoft office 2015 for $9.95.  Yep, it's normally $399.99 but she got it for under $10 through her work because it's something she needs to do her job.  Guess what?  I need it to do my job too, but I have to pay retail for it if I want it.  No discount for teachers and our school certainly doesn't have money to buy it for us.  Just another difference between the education world and the 'real' world of working people.  I asked her if she could buy it for more than one computer, but unfortunately, she can't :(

Oh, well, Google Docs works just fine as long as I have the internet available.  Or, a pencil and paper like we used to use back in my day :)

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