Sunday, November 2, 2014

Doing what I love

What are you doing with your extra hour today?  The people on the news keep talking about getting that extra hour of sleep.  Not me.  I had to take a nap yesterday and while napping is fun, it is such a waste of time when you could use it to make a quilt!  I had a horrible migraine and the new eye drop medicine didn't live up to the expectation.  But, taking a nap did help.  It did allow me to load and get this quilt started.  In my extra hour this morning, I was able to finish the quilting and trim the quilt so it is ready to bind.  I have the second quilt loaded as well.  Not bad for the morning.  Of course, this evening, when it gets dark so early, I'll be ready for bed at 8pm.

I woke up around 4 this morning with some great ideas for organizing the sewing room and getting the quilts ready for quilting so hopefully I will be more organized and able to get some quilting done, even on the crazy hectic days.  I get stalled when looking for backing fabric for the next quilt to load.  I'm hoping to streamline that process.  This summer when I had my daughter home and she was able to help me match tops to backing fabric I was able to quilt 81 quilts in a month.  Of course, I had lots of time off too, but I really do spend a lot of time looking for a backing piece to go with a top.  If I can get them paired up while a quilt is quilting, I can have the next quilt ready when one comes off.

Since Carla and I are sharing the Studio dies, I don't have to store them all in my entertainment cabinet and I can have room to store quilt tops in there.  I plan to move a table and quilt rack and make some more room in the quilting room to make it easier to move around.  Let's see just how much of my dream comes to reality.


Sue Niven said...

You always amaze me at how much you get done, I love reading your blog and seeing the quilts.

jirons42 said...

I wish I lived near you so I could help you. But I live in Michigan so I guess I'll have to keep working on quilts for MHC.