Monday, November 3, 2014

The second dinosaur quilt

Here's the second dinosaur quilt.  It started out just like the first one, but I had to cut it in half because it was so warped in the middle, I had to do some major surgery to get it to lay flat.  I guess I really should iron things as I go. :)  But, I do like the new design I came up with having the large brown stripe going down the middle and it looks like I actually planned it that way.  Unless I told you differently, you might not know it was to fix a mistake.

These quilts only took me 6 months to make.  It's surprising how long something can take when you aren't working on them.  From actual start to finish, they took about 4 hours total for both quilts.  Crazy, eh?  Why do I procrastinate?  I could have finished them up and been a real hero, but instead my friend gave me the dinosaur panels way back in May and they sat around all summer waiting for inspiration to hit me.  Oh, well, she loves them and now I just have to make sure to get the binding on them before they sit on the banister for another three months like the baby quilt that is still waiting since summer ended.

Maybe I could pass all three quilts off to my binding buddy in the next stack and pretend I didn't notice they weren't charity quilts.  Or, maybe I could tell her my sad story of how I'm never going to finish them myself and she will take pity on me!

Or, maybe another piece of apple crumb deliciousness will give me the energy to power through all three of these quilts.

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Texas JennyWren said...

I love this quilt. I can just see a little boy snuggling under it with a very big smile. Nice job.