Tuesday, November 25, 2014

number 10

This quilt was done on Saturday.  Getting ahead before my mini 'vacation' if you can call it that.  Traveling to visit colleges is fun, but stressful because it means another child is leaving the nest.  I'm proud of my kids, but sad when they leave home.  Unlike some teens, I actually like these ones.  They make me proud most of the time.

My son is so busy and active in so many things, but he does know how to relax and enjoys playing video games when he gets a chance.  He love music and is really good at the piano and trombone.  He also has a guitar and recently purchased a cello.  He's teaching himself to play, using the internet and a computer program he uses to audio tape his recordings for class for the trombone.  He plays in the school band and sits in with the jazz band and also plays with the community band.  If that isn't enough to keep someone busy, he has a job on the weekends at the Train museum.  He loves working with the public selling tickets and working in the snack shop.  He is supposed to help make a tour online once they hire one more person so he can have some more time, which should start around the new year.

He loves working with robotics and all this school year he has spent 4 days a week at his former elementary working with 5-6th graders getting them ready for competition last week.  They didn't win, but they sure had a great time.  he loves being a mentor to the younger kids.

He also works really hard and is a straight A student who takes every honors/AP class he can.  He wants to be a computer engineer.  I hope he picks a college that fits all of his interests and he finds friends that love to keep as busy as he does!

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