Sunday, November 16, 2014

This one doesn't count

I quilted this one last night, so it doesn't count towards my goal of 45 quilts in 45 days.  I might change my mind if I get to the end and I don't reach my goal by one quilt, but for now, I'm not going to cheat.  After all, I just started!

I have the car loaded up for Binky Patrol this afternoon.  I've got the Studio fabric cutter and the dies I have here and 6 buckets of fabric.  Last time, I only brought 2 and then we went through that so quickly, I had to come home to get more.  I'm not running out so quickly this time around.  I'm not sure how many people will show up, but I plan to be ready just in case everyone brings a friend.  The room in the back of the quilt shop is smaller than Carla's house, but we managed to squeeze about 20 people in there last time and it was cozy.  Everyone made room for everyone and while we were bumping into each other, we did manage to get a lot done.

I have lots of already cut fabric that needs to be sorted into kits for someone to take home to sew back together.  This is really a crazy hobby; taking perfectly good fabric and cutting it up and sewing it back together again.  My dad was right, seems a bit crazy to do that, but we sure do have a good time being crazy.  I guess it is the fun of mixing and matching the different patterns, colors and textures.  The really insane part is taking all of the donated fabrics and trying to get things that go together.  You should see some of the weird combinations we try to put together.  I'm glad we decide against some of them and just hold onto those weird pieces that seem like they will never find friends to play with.  If you hold onto them long enough, along will come another weird piece of fabric that will play nicely with them, if only you can remember where you put that strange thing.

What I really need to do is have a really big party and invite lots of people over.  Rent about 20 banquet tables and set them up in the backyard on the tennis court.  Take all of the fabric out of the tubs in the shed and garage and have a sorting party.  Start matching up all of the fabrics and making kits out of them.  With so many people working all together, I could get it all sorted in a day.  Then have another couple of days this summer and get it all cut into kits.  Of course, then after everyone sewed all of the fabric into quilt tops, I'd have the trouble of 9,000 quilt tops waiting for years to be quilted.  If I quilted one quilt every day, that would take me 24 years to finish.  Maybe if I had 23 friends, each with a longarm machine and they each quilted a quilt every day, we could finish up all 9000 quilt tops in a year.  That's what I need to do, get more friends who are crazy like me.

Any volunteers?

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