Monday, March 14, 2011

Why should you trust me?

I got my first rejection letter today from my requests to all of those online fabric companies. The reason was there are so many people asking for donations and people wanting to make quilts and send them, but the real need right now is MONEY. You hear it on the news. When a tragedy strikes, lots of charity organizations start up and start asking people to make donations. Lots of people want to help, but don't know how. Lots of people are so willing to give when they don't know what else to do that they are really willing to open their wallets.

An example. A lady I work with lost $300 on Friday. Why was she carrying around $300 in cash at a high school? How did she lose it? I have no idea. But when everyone heard that she lost it, they opened their wallets and gave to her because they really like her. She is a very lovable person. She got back all $300 and maybe more because people want to help out when they know people are hurting.

So, back to the rejection letter. I was told that instead of making and sending quilts, I should send money to a reputable charity organization like the Red Cross. They are on the ground, they know the needs, they will spend the money wisely.

Yes, they will.

I was told that I didn't even know that the quilts would get where they were supposed to go.

Why should I be trusted.

When Katrina hit, I knew I had to make and collect quilts. When my friends were in Kazakhstan, I knew I had to make and collect quilts. When my friend was going to Rwanda, I knew I had to make and send quilts. It's just something I KNOW I have to do. Like breathing. Go ahead and try it. Stop breathing. It's just something you KNOW you have to do.

I teach at a high school right next to Travis Air Force Base. I have students who were stationed in Japan. They have family there. They have friends there. They have connections there. I work with a lady whose husband is a pilot for the Air Force. He has connections. The quilts will get where they need to be. I know the mayor of Vacaville. We have a sister city in Japan. He knows the mayor of that city. The quilts will get where they need to be. I will bake brownies if I have to if the quilts can't fly on the GIANT airplanes that are going to be going over the next several months.

I promise you, these quilts will NOT sit in a warehouse or in my garage or in a bag somewhere. They will get into the hands of children who need a hug.

Yes, there are other needs that these children have. The Red Cross will see to those needs. The Red Cross is not making handmade quilts for these children. And neither is our government. That is something I NEED to do. Just like breathing.


jill said...

I have several children who have been on the receiving end of project linus and other quilt charities for children's hospitals and those sweet hand made quilts do make a difference. Its not like the hospitals (or red cross) don't have blankets, or that I cant afford a blanket for my child but that they received a GIFT and a warm and pretty gift just for them during a traumatic time.
(happens to be functional too)
Years after my kiddos surgeries the blanket/quilts they recieved from the hospital are still their prized posesssions. The quilt brought great emotional comfort to them when they were sccared and in pain. They could feel the love put into them. And this momma greatly appreciates the love and time from a stranger for my child.

My chldren and I will be making and sending quilts/blankies.

Mary said...

My reaction in a time of disaster is also to make a monetary donation because I feel that is important first and foremost in getting help to those that so desperately need it.

While I do spend most of my days making quilts for donation, the majority of them are designated for local causes in part for the very thing you mention in your post about the difficulty of getting them into the hands of those that need them but also because we have so much unmet need here at home.

It's great that you have the connection to get quilts directly to Japan and I wish you luck in your personal mission. It's important to work on those causes we feel drawn to.

Cheri said...

I understand completely about having to make a heals all the way around, you, me, all those that handle it along the way and the recipient. I don't know how I know it but I know it. I knew immediately I could trust your way. I'm in.

mageez said...

I trust you. If I send you a quilt can you include it with your own? Can't afford to send money but can donate a quilt. it's hard to comprehend the suffering and pain those people are going thru. My heart hurts for them.


Hillbilly Handiworks said...

You wouldn't believe the brick walls I came up against just trying to get quilts to San Francisco...right here on our own soil.

I just refocused...

wendy said...

I have a group of kids who REALLY REALLY badly want to help.They have organized their own group and just completed a fundraising activity for W.W.F. when this tragedy struck and now they want to help the children of Japan.Please contact me at if you would be interested in talking with us.Thank you ~ Wendy

Helen in the UK said...

Don't lose heart Marilyn, I'm sure the companies get lots of requests for help and have to reject most. If you feel the need and have the connections to help in this way - go for it :)

Karen said...

I understand they need money but I am not always sure they receive the money and all of the money. I would like to send you a top that I still need to put the border on. I don't have the time to finish it at the moment. If you would like the top please contact me. You are doing a wonderful thing for others.

For His Glory said...

I love your passion sister!