Saturday, March 5, 2011

Optomistic Quilt

Here's the quilt project I designed yesterday morning and am going to start working on. It is just simple half square blocks and 4 patch blocks. The sizes can be made any that you like, but mine are 6 1/2 inch for the half square triangles, cut with my Go! cutter and the squares are 3 1/2 inches. I am making them using 3 1/2inch strips, but you can use 3 1/2 inch squares or strips, whatever you like.
I designed this quilt on my Quilt Design Wizard program I got at JoAnn's using my half price coupon. It is the beginning level EQ program. I think I paid about $15 for it and it is fun to play with. You can pick out premade blocks and move them around and change colors and fabrics. It makes me want to get the latest version of EQ which is the EQ 7, but then I'm afraid I would spend more time designing quilts than actually sewing.
The pattern says this quilt will be 60 x 90 when finished and will take 150 blocks set 10 x 15. I'm making mine scrappy so I'm sure it will look nothing like this picture when finished. I love the red and white version of this quilt on paper so maybe I will have to cut out another one so make it look just like this!
The directions also say you need about 2 3/8 yards of fabric for the red part of the half square triangles and 2 3/8 yards of fabric for the white part of the half square triangles.
You also neeed 1 3/8 yards each for the 4 patch blocks. Since I'm going scrappy I don't measure. I just start digging in the scrap boxes and start cutting. Isn't the best way to go. Cut and cut and cut and the scrap basket doesn't get any smaller, but the quilts keep getting made! I will never understand how that works.
Well, enough to sew!

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