Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan quilt info update

I talked to another friend last night whose husband also flies for the Air Force. She is so funny! She started making decisions for him and then said, oh, yeah, I guess I will talk to him and get back to you.

But, this is how things will work.

The Pilots are allowed to carry things on the planes, so they will be taking bags of quilts with them on missions. Her husband will be talking with his buddies, the other pilots and asking them to take quilts when they go on missions as well.

Her cousin is stationed at the army base in Japan and he will be our contact point on the ground over there. She has volunteered him to be the delivery guy for the quilts. She said she would talk to him as well and let him know what is going on and have him figure out how to get the quilts where they need to be.

Her husband has already made one trip to Japan to drop off the American Nuclear specialists who are helping with the crisis and will be going back. He flies a C-17 which is I guess a delivery plane.

Our plans for quilts are to collect quilts and quilt tops until May 31. We have to have an end date for this project because we still have local needs that need to be met. We still have kids being taken into foster care and kids in the hospital here that need hugs and we can't abandon them.

So, if you want to help...
Kid size quilts 36x48 up to 48x52 in that range. A little smaller or a little bigger is great! Crochet, knit, flannel, fleece, as long as they are washable. You can send me the tops and we will add the backing and batting and get them quilted or you can send finished quilts.

Email me for my address.

My friend, Carla is having two quilt days, March 23 and 27th and we are having a Binky Day on April 10th at A Quilted Heart in Vacaville if you live close enough to come help out. I'm sure we will have at least one more day before this is all over.

We are hoping to collect between 300-500 quilts for the kids. There are hundreds of thousands of people displaced and living in shelters there so this is such a small drop in the bucket, but there are other organizations, maybe closer to where you live who are also collecting quilts.

Also, if you don't mind, could you click on the Follow Me button on my blog? When the people I ask to donate fabric and supplies for this project come and visit the blog, I'm sure they like to see that a lot of people are reading and that they will get some return for their investment in this project. The more people who follow me, the greater the chance we can get some donations. Maybe :)

Thanks everyone. I'm pretty overwhelmed by the responses so far. Also, if you write to me and don't hear back from me, it is probably because you are set as a no reply blogger. I can't respond because you have your email blocked :(


Nancy said...

Your plan sounds great! Your friend who is coordinating this effort with her husband, his friends, and her cousin is a keeper. Kudos all around!

Cheri said...

Will doublestitched denim and flannel raggy quilts be okay?

Barb said...

That is so awesome what you are doing.....I have just found an address that goes directly to Japan...