Thursday, March 31, 2011

California quilts

These first 7 are from Freda in Elk Grove, Ca. She has been busy working for the kids in Japan and I know they are going to love these quilts!

The warm and cuddly fleece blankets are from Connie in Calabasas, Ca and are so snuggly.

And finally, three boxes of quilt tops, backing fabric and more fabric from Meredith in Corona, Ca.

There was even a finished quilt hiden in the box of quilt tops. I still have to dig through all of the treasures and count all of the gorgeous tops! These will keep our quilting machines humming! I called one of my quilting friends and told her to oil her machine and get ready to work this weekend. She said to bring some over...she was ready for them. I love my quilting friends!

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