Thursday, March 31, 2011

unloading the car

One of the best parts of my 'job' as area coordinator, is that I get to see ALL of the gorgeous quilts that come through here on their way to the various destinations for the projects we work on. Hurricane Katrina, Kazakhstan, Rwanda, Returning Americans from Japan, our local hospital, CPS and now Japan. As the kids and I unload the van, I am having them help me take pictures of ALL of the quilts. That's over 200 pictures of more than 200 quilts. It is taking quite a while and the wind was not cooperating yesterday. I had to bring a bunch inside. I'm wondering what my neighbors were thinking. I don't talk to my neighbors much. We say hi when we pass, but I'm wondering if they were wondering what this crazy lady was doing in the driveway holding up and taking pictures of all of these quilts. I wonder if they saw the story in the paper yesterday and knew that it was me and could put two and two together?

Are you wondering where I am putting these quilts once they get in the house? I have about 300 quilts collected so far. I made a stop at my local quilt shop yesterday to pick up some and my friend Carla dropped some off and they are coming every day in the mail.

I will show you later this week once I have these photographed and put away.

I am going to figure out how to do a slideshow somewhere so you too can see all of the gorgeous quilts that are headed to Japan soon.

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