Friday, March 25, 2011


My daughter was honored with a $500 award on Wednesday night by the Soroptomist club of Vacaville for her work with the Binky patrol. She wants to spend the money on new clothes :) Silly girl :) We told her she has to save the money for college. She asked, "well, what if I get a full ride scholarship to college, then can I spend it on money for new clothes?" That girl is always thinking! We had so much fun at the dinner and at my table sat down TWO quilting ladies. My daughter laughed at me for finding quilting people wherever we go. Hey, they must have smelled the quilting in me, or maybe it was the loose thread sticking to my clothes. What can I say? Do I look like a quilter? They laughed at me when I said I wasn't in a guild...yet! And all of the ladies in the room laughed when the president of the Soroptomist club read my daughter's essay about how I do not have an eye for color and how my daughter has to pick out the colors for the quilt. It's true! My daughter has threatened to nominate me for What Not to Wear. The problem with that is, if they gave me a $5000 Visa card, they would have to pull me out of the fabric shops in New York City. I would not give up my t shirt collection and they would kick me off the show. My daughter would love to be on the show and spend $5000 on new clothes. I would just die!

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