Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a crazy fun day--Fresh and Easy Grand Opening

Yesterday I was presented a GIANT check from the store manager of the new Fresh and Easy grocery store that opened in Vacaville. It was a crazy fun time. I rubbed shoulders with some of the most important city managers of Vacaville and made another connection to get blankets over to Japan.
I'm still waiting on official pictures from the ribbon cutting ceremony and check handing over, but these are some of my Binky Buddies that showed up to support me! What a great bunch of ladies!
I brought a bunch of quilts so we could hold them for the picture. See the lady in the hat and black jacket? When it was time to pass out the quilts for the picture, she started grabbing the quilts! She isn't a Binky Buddy! She started passing the quilts out to the people who were waiting to get into the store. We had to take the quilts back and explain that we made them for the Children of Japan. She said, Oh, well I really like them and would like one for myself!
It was a day


KQ Sue said...

Non-quilters are dangerous. They don't understand what goes in to quilt.

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Oh my!! That is funny that she thought that she could just join in.