Tuesday, March 22, 2011

more quilts

These came in yesterday. The first is from a 9 year old local girl named Lena. She made 5 quilts for us to send to the children of Japan. I love it. Kids making quilts for kids!

These other four (double image of one--why does blogger do that?) are from Janet Shupe in Fort Worth, Tx and her group Stitches of Love. They also sent the 14 quilt tops. What a busy group! Thank you to everyone. I'm so overwhelmed and feel like such a small part of such a big thing that is happening.

I got a letter yesterday from a woman who is living in Sendai, the closest city to the epicenter and where the most damage from the earthquake and tsunami. I'm going to ask permission to post it here for you to read. What an inspiration to keep going. The people of Japan are so gracious and are just pulling together to help each other out during this time where many people in the area have lost all physical items, but have not lost their spirit of love and compassion. Makes me want to work round the clock to do more, help more, give more! Thank you for making this all possible!

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Mary-Kay said...

What an initiative you have undertaken. My son is doing his part in this. He is trying to organize a t-shirt sale at his high school with all the proceeds going to the relief effort in Japan. His "Hope For Japan" t-shirts are sure to be a big seller as they students get to wear them instead of the usual uniform on specific days. Now to find a cheap t-shirt screen-printing place.