Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rhode Island quilts

These quilts came from Zanni in Johnston RI and they are so cuddly. The green one is backed with froggy fabric. Whenever I see frog fabric it reminds me of my oldest daughter who I get to go see today! She is coming 'home' to California. For those of you in states like Rhode Island that you can drive the entire state in a couple of hours you might not understand that I have to drive 8 hours today from Northern California to Southern California just to go see her. Her tennis coach didn't understand that when he planned the trip either. He thought that coming to California meant coming out to visit us! Well, not really. They are closer than Ohio, but not close enough.
I will be gone until Tuesday night and I'm so excited. I had better finish packing and wake the little one. He gets to come with me. The middle two kids have to stay home and go to school. Hubby is going down on Wed and Thursday to watch those two matches.
"see" you when I get back! Unless my daughter lets me borrow her computer :)

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