Friday, March 25, 2011

Returning Americans need quilts too

My friend, whose husband is the pilot that was going to be taking the quilts to Japan for us, texted me this morning and asked if I had any quilts she could take to the base. I had read this story in the newspaper the other day.

With the radiation in Japan threatening the lives of the people there, our military is evacuating all nonessential Americans from the military bases in Japan. They are coming through Travis Air Force base right next to where I work.

I looked at the quilts I had on hand from before the project started and I was able to pick out 31 quilts from my own stash. I put them in a big garbage bag and loaded it into the car.

She was able to take it on base this morning and said the people working there were so happy to receive it. She says the women and children are sitting on the floor of the airport because there aren't enough places to put them until they can find housing for them.

If you sent quilts or quilt tops for the Japan project, they will be going to Japan. Don't worry :) These quilts were ones my group had been working on before the tragedy started. But it was nice to have some ready to go and be able to help out on a moment's notice and not have to worry that we wouldn't have enough to meet the needs of both projects.

My friend says there are about 500 people here at Travis. I can't meet all of the needs, but I could meet some.

I'm headed to Southern California this weekend and will be back next week with plans to work overtime to get more things done in a shorter amount of time. So many little time.

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Regina Mendieta said...


If you are still here in So. Cal. I would like to meet with you to give you the blankets I have for Japan.
If you are not here anylonger, I was wondering if you are aware of any mail carrier who donates for instances like the one we currently have going w/ Japan. My chapter is a bit poor right now and I was wondering if there's any way to get some help w/ shipping costs. Thanks a lot.

Regina Mendieta-Upland chapter