Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You can never go home again

When I was in So. Cal. I decided to go 'home' and visit the house I grew up in. My parents moved about 6 years ago, so it hasn't been home for a long time. The old saying is true. You can never really go home again. While the house is still there, the new owners really let it go. The front yard is all weeds and the nicely pruned rose bushes aren't nice any more. The flower beds in the front aren't there anymore and it just doesn't look like my old house.

This is the corner candy store we used to go to when I was a kid. We had to cross 4 lanes to get to it with no light. What were we thinking? There used to be new owners about once a month. We never questioned why...

This was my high school. I had the hardest time finding it. GPS wasn't any help, until I actually remembered the street address. From over 25 years ago! Hey, I'm not that forgetful I guess :)

The neighborhood sure has changed a lot from what I remember.

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