Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh, glorious we come

I cannot wait until 2:13 today when I can declare the weekend HERE! I have so much work to catch up on. Why is it that when you go on vacation, you need a vacation to catch up? I have so much grading to do! Seems like I just had a marathon weekend of grading and now my bag is full again. I gotta stop giving the kids work to do, that's for sure. But then they just get in trouble. Ugh. Maybe I could take them outside and study the weather. We could lay on the grass (allergies anyone?) and look up at the clouds and draw pictures of the animals we see. Yeah, that would go over well on the STAR test in the next couple of weeks. Then, there are the quilts still to be photographed. Probably about 100 of them, not counting the ones that keep coming in the mail. Two steps step back :) I love it! I have 122 quilts counted and sorted and photographed. I have a huge pile of quilts waiting their turn. My goal is to get caught up this weekend. I'm also looking for a place where people don't have to sign away their first born child to put all of the pictures of the quilts (snapfish wants your information to see the pictures) so if you know if a place I can put all of the pictures that doesn't ask for your information, can you let me know? I could post to Facebook, but I am not sure if you have to have a Facebook account to view those pictures. My daughter posts pictures there and I can see them eventhough I'm not her friend on Facebook...long story here... One day of work and then...glorious we come.

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Cheri said...

Are all these quilts you're talking about here for Japan? How many pics could you post on a blog if you opened one just for that puepose?