Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where are the quilts kept?

I promised a picture of where I am keeping the quilts until they are shipped. Well, these are the quilts that came from Southern California. This is my youngest son's room and this is the top bunkbed that isn't being used. His older brother has a top bunk too that is almost full of quilts as well! Good thing I have kids who are willing to share their rooms with my quilting obsession :) My daughter says she is glad not to have a bunkbed in her room.


SewCalGal said...

Wow. That is an amazing number of quilts. I'm impressed!


Suzanne Neuhaus said...

Marilyn, I'm in Houston, Texas and saw this on the news tonight about treatment for migraines. You can read the transcript at this web site. maybe it will have some answers for you.



mageez said...

Sorry about the migraine. Mine stopped after menopause. Thank God.
I'd post a warning on those beds. one more quilt and it's going to collapse. Quilters are a wonderful group of people.

Michelle said...

So, how much weight can that top bunk hold before your son is buried alive?

Congratulations on the Studio -- that looks like so much fun!