Friday, April 29, 2011

almost made it

Yesterday I tried to beat my 10 quilt accomplishment from the day before and I almost made it. I gave up at 9 1/2 quilts last night. Of course, I did run around about half the day. I'm back at it again today and have 3 1/2 quilts done already and it is only 9am. I just may make my goal, but again, I have to run around all over town. If only I could have a day where I could just stay home and quilt all day, I could get more than 10 quilts done! OH, well, I guess I should just be happy with getting so many done.

But, there are always more to do.
And, now with the tornados, there is another call for more quilts and you know I can't just sit still.

Time to get off the computer and back to work!

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