Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Edna in NH

A box arrived with three beautiful quilt tops while I was in Southern California. My husband put it aside for me in my bedroom where he was sure I would see it. I did...yesterday! So sorry Edna! I quilted up the first of the tops yesterday as soon as I opened the box. I had the perfect backing already loaded on the machine and was on a roll from the weekend's marathon quilting so figured I'd just keep going.

Then, I had to sew together yards and yards of backing fabric so I could get going again. I started with this super cute quilt top. I have enough backing fabric loaded to quilt about 15 quilts. If you want to know a secret, it is to sew together yards and yards and yards of backing fabric and then you don't have to spend so much time loading all of the backing fabric one at a time. I can get a quilt done in under 10 minutes including loading the top, quilting and unloading if I have the backing already loaded. Especially if they are small like these. It's easy to find 10 minutes here and there throughout

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