Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lorna in NC

These four quilt tops and bindings came in from Lorna in NC. This is one organized lady to have the bindings already made when she has the quilt tops done. I always think this is a great idea but never actually get around to doing this.

The weekend is almost here and I will have some more time to work on quilting. It is a Binky Patrol weekend, which means Sunday afternoon at A Quilted Heart in Vacaville. I hope that some of you out there can join me as I sort the newly donated fabric, cut quilt kits and maybe even have some time for sewing.

I will also be working on ways to pack up the quilts for the first shipment to Japan. They will be going very soon! That gives me goosebumps. As you probably read in the news, Japan had another large earthquake today. They need our help as soon as possible.

Let's not forget!

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May said...

I have a top I can send to you ASAP but need your snail addy. Please put Quilts for Japan in the subject line an email axitypand send to

May in Jersey