Saturday, April 9, 2011

more quilting and a new helper! Yay!

There is no way I can get all of these quilt tops quilted by myself, so you know I have to start recruiting some helpers. Well, the best place to start is right at home!

My #2 daughter is making a quilt to enter in the local fair in May and is wanting to quilt it herself. She decided that she needed to get some practice in before attempting to quilt her own quilt. What better place to start than on all of these quilts for Japan. She quilted about 3/4 of this red one for me and did a great job.

I told her I have a signature I put on every quilt that I do. I end every quilt with a heart. She said she will have to come up with a signature for her quilts, probably a figure 8 because she kept getting stuck in a corner and having to get out of it by making figure 8's! I thought they were cute :)

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