Friday, April 29, 2011

Want to help the tornado victims?

As an area coordinator for Binky Patrol, we are collecting quilts and blankets for those who have lost everything in the recent tornados. Here is a place to send them if you want to help out.

Misty Clark
504 East 14th St
Chickamauga GA

You can send as many kid size quilts, afghans and fleece blankets as you want. She will be taking them to the nearest shelters and churches as soon as she gets them. I know that when I see the devistation, I want to do something and it is nice to know there is somewhere to send things that will get into the hands of kids who need a hug. A quilt won't solve the world's troubles, but it will let a child know they are loved and that someone out there is taking time to care about their troubles and to pray for them.

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