Saturday, April 9, 2011

Local quilts

These quilts came into my local quilt shop, A Quilted Heart, this week and I got to pick them up yesterday. While there, a fight broke out in the parking lot. It was a little scary for a bit. The shop owner called the cops and within one minute three police cars showed up. That's what I love about my city! We have a very low crime rate and the police are always ready and able to show up if there ever is an event that needs their attention! I love feeling safe! It was quite entertaining watching them handcuff the guy that was throwing punches and talking to the witnesses. After about 15 minutes, I was able to pack up my car and leave. I still have more boxes to go through!

The ladies also told a funny story of one woman who donated to our efforts. They said she came into the shop with two boxes of a UFO. She set them down just inside the door to she shop and kicked them in the store. She said she was done with the project and was never going to work on it again and they could do with it what they wanted! I had to laugh, because I've felt that way with some of my UFO's before! But, I've never actually acted on my feelings! This lady must have really been fed up with her project to have drop kicked it into a quilt shop :) Thanks for the laugh quilting friend whoever you are!

I also have one more story to share. This week on Freecycle a lady was giving away a quilting frame. I responded and said I would like it. It is a New Joy quilting frame. She didn't reply so I figured she had given it to someone else. That happens a lot on Freecycle. People get so many responses. Well, the next day, she replied to me and said the first person decided they didn't want it after all because it takes up so much room. So, did I still want it? Of course! Now, I have a quilting frame (Handi-quilter that my mom gave me) but my friend Rhoda doesn't. So, I called Rhoda and asked if she wanted one. But, I made her promise that if I gave her this one, she would still have to be our binding beast! She laughed and said of course she would still bind all of the quilts.

So, my friend Carla picked up the quilting frame, took it over to Rhoda's house. Rhoda got it put together (after finding out some parts were missing, calling and getting the missing parts) and is up and running!)

That means we have 6 people in our group with quilting machines! We are truly blessed!

So, if you want to send some quilt tops along to help with the Children of Japan project, we are ready for you. Contact me for my address or you can ship them to A Quilted Heart, 878 Alamo Drive, Vacaville, Ca 95688 Attn Marilyn Lewis and they will get to me. IF you ship from your business to their business you can get a cheaper rate on UPS shipping. You can also check out Fed Ex and see if they will give you a deal because it is a charity thing. I have a friend whose husband works for Fed Ex and he said they have a place on the website for charity donations. I haven't had a chance to check things out, but says they do charity donations all of the time. Might be worthing checking into if you want to send a lot of stuff.

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