Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I joined a new club today and NO, you are not invited

So, I used to laugh at those people who sewed through their fingers. I mean, how dumb could you be? Really? Watch what you are doing people?

Well, today, I joined that club. No, you are not invited. It hurts. Really, really bad. In fact, I am so dumb, they should make me the president because I watched the needle go through my finger not once, but twice!

I was quilting away on this quilt that had some issues. Won't tell you which one, but you know the song...You can quilt it out...well, this quilt fits that song perfectly. And I was having some troubles. The thread kept breaking and I stopped for the 24th time to rethread. I was threading it and for some reason my left hand hit the new button that runs the machine now and up down up down went the needle right through my right pointer finger. OUCH! says my brain, but my finger didn't have the time to move out of the way. My Janome moves at 1600 stitches per minute and you know that I have to have it at full speed :) Stop laughing Carla and mom!

I managed to pull my finger away from the quilt before the blood came pouring out. Priorities people! Save the quilt was all I could think :)

No pictures people. I know, you want to see what it looks like. Sorry. No doctor visit either. I just got the end of the finger and didn't hit a bone or anything. I didn't even break the needle.

So, now, when people ask I can say that yes, I have sewn my finger with the sewing machine. But so far I have not cut off a finger with the rotary cutter. My mom did that...at least the tip of a finger. There is still time to join that club :)


Wendy said...

OUCH ... reading the whole post hurt ... just plain hurt, but not nearly as much as you, nor your mother ... Take care! And kudos on not getting blood on the quilt ;)

Helen in the UK said...

OUCH - your poor finger!! I'm not a member of that club and hope I never get to join. Hope you heal soon :)