Tuesday, April 26, 2011

wow, I have been busy today

My little guy had his dentist appointment today and got his 4 cavities filled. Before that was done, I was able to quilt these quilts and the two from the earlier post! I guess it was a pretty productive day. I love it when I don't realize that I got a lot done and then am able to look back on all that was accomplished.

I also finished up a big spool of thread on the quilting machine. One down...47 to go :) I think I am set for life on thread!

Tomorrow is quilt day and I'm excited to see just how many quilt tops I can get quilted while at Carla's house. My goal is 20 quilt tops. Of course, I will be distracted by all of the other fun things to do...sort fabric, cut fabric, play with the Studio cutter and Go! cutter and of course eat yummy food and talk. All fun things to do at one of Carla's famous Quilt Days. It's not too late to join us if you live in Northern California or want to catch a midnight flight!

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