Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm not going to win Mother of the Year for this

So, just when I'm feeling pretty good about my mothering abilities, life comes along to knock me off my self made pedistal and back to reality.

I took my daughter's quilt in this morning. You know, the one that everything that could go wrong on and did. She put the binding on yesterday and we washed it. Well, there were 19 places that the binding did not catch onto the quilt. Note to self. Do not wash a quilt before taking it to enter into a fair. Every issue a quilt has will show up after being washed. We spent about 2 hours last night fixing all of the holes in the binding. Lesson learned :)

Then, the boys had a dentist appointment. They haven't been to the dentist in about 3 years. You see, their dentist just moved one day. No notice, just sent a card after he moved saying he had a life change and this was best for him so hope we liked the new dentist that had taken over his business. We never went back. I finally found a new dentist for myself about 6 months ago and finally remembered to make appointments for my boys. I know. Bad mommy. I hate the dentist and if nobody is complaining, I tend to forget that the kids even have teeth.

Well, the older son had no cavities, but lots of tartar buildup. Little guy has 4 cavities and has to go in tomorrow to get them filled. They are all in baby teeth so no permanent damage, but call the Mother of the Year committee and let them know I am withdrawing my nomination.

I have no idea how they can keep everything juggling all at once. There is always one area I let slip...for like 3 years! It's either the housework or the kids teeth. Ugh

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