Saturday, April 2, 2011

Frustrating migraines

Just when I think I may be getting my migraines under control, I get hit by a really bad one that knocks me on my butt and sucks the life out of me. For the past two weeks I have had some pretty good days. I think there were three days of totally migraine free days in there! Wheee! I have been able to control the pain with Advil, Tylenol 3, Ibuprofen and Imitrix. I'm taking Nortriptyline and Topamax and have increased it like the doctor recommended. While I am still getting migraines almost daily, I am able to work through the pain and most migrianes are in the 3-5 pain level on a scale of 1-10. Today was about a 9. I've thrown everything I have at it and as I sit here loopy from medicine and just wanting to cry from a wasted afternoon, I feel pretty helpless again. Ugh.

I was so looking forward to getting lots of quilting done this weekend. I've gotten 4 quilts quilted with 3 of them getting done yesterday and one done today. Some people would say, wow, that's a lot, but I counted and there are 64 in one bucket and I have three more boxes of quilt tops and two racks of quilt tops. I don't have time for a migraine :) Do you hear me headache? I don't have time for you. So, go away.

My weeds in the front yard need some attention too. While I love the spring, I don't love the spring chores. My iris are about to bloom, but I may not be able to see them because of all of the weeds trying to choke them out. Ugh.

Well, enough feeling sorry for myself. Time to get up and do something. No matter how small. I at least have to sort the papers I need to grade. I hope to feel better tomorrow.

EDIT: I don't want anyone to think I'm complaining about all of the wonderful quilt tops I have here waiting to be quilted :) I LOVE them and please keep them coming. There are 5 of us with quilting machines and I took 8 quilts with backings to my friend this morning. I AM complaining about my migraines and that they are taking away from me getting to play with all of the wonderful quilt tops. I want to quilt them all! I want to have all of the fun to myself. Is that being selfish? Yes, it is! I would rather quilt than pull weeds or grade papers or have a migraine. But thank you for the offer to help with the quilting. I may just take some of you up on the offer, especially if you live close enough to pop over and pick up some tops. But gas and shipping cost so much these days! I paid over $4 a gallon today for the cheap gas. Wow.


Becky said...

You don't have to quilt them all yourself. If you don't have enough help there, then send me a box of them and I will quilt them for you.

Patti said...

Sympathy for your pain.

Andee said...

As a fellow migraine sufferer who takes a few of those meds myself I hope you get a long break from them soon!